Bypassing is Not Enlightenment


You know this spiritual teaching that says you can't feel certain emotions - like anger or negativity?

Yeah, that's bullshit. The deeper I go into my own spiritual practice of living, the more I know that anything that leads us AWAY from our human experience, AWAY from our wholeness is untrue.

You were not put on this earth to become perfect, to somehow evolve away from your humanity. You were put here to sink deeper into it!!! You were given the enormous GIFT of human life, full of contrast and polarity and emotions so that you could experience the richness of it.

Could you imagine a life lived without this? Do you know that to be human is the envy of all beings in the universe? Do you think it was some mistake that you be given all these human expressions?

Your anger is not wrong. It is not bad. It just is. And any time you force yourself away from your authentic experience at the moment (even anger) it is a DEVOLUTION because you are denying reality and compartmentalizing your being. This is NOT spirituality. This is control.

Yes, it's important to grow, to yearn to be the best person you can be and to hold yourself accountable to that, but not by making yourself wrong for your humanness. Yes, it's important to learn to direct your mind and not wallow in suffering but not by pretending it doesn't exist.

Look at nature around you. It is both beautiful and creative and also wildly cruel and destructive.

Is nature wrong? Is it bad for holding both? No! It just IS. As you just are. Your deepest awakening and evolution comes from being totally honest about who you are and what you are experiencing in this moment without trying to manipulate it.

How liberating would it be if you could just fall in love with your humanness instead of trying to move away from it? Go there.