Is Fear the New Enemy?

Is fear the new enemy? ⁣

Have you tried moving closer to it? What does it smell like, taste like, feel like? Where does it live in you? If you sense you are not afraid, have you taken the time to enter the collective fear-body to see what is really there? ⁣

The Mother denies NOTHING. She holds space for ALL. You are big enough to contain both fear and love, and in fact, you do. There is no need for self-rejection. There is no need to run from what is here. Just stretch wider. If you are afraid, see where you are also something that exists beyond that fear. If you can be aware that you are afraid, then what is the thing that is aware? ⁣

ALL experience arises in and from Source. All experience can be traced back to that Source. Follow it home. ⁣

Fear is not here because it is new. It has been living and lurking in the shadows for ages because we deny the Mother, and we deny death. Do not ask people to put it back into the shadows. We have to be very courageous now. Sit with the fear, meet it: yours, mine, and ours. ⁣

What if fear is a portal, not an enemy?⁣