Self- Sabotage is not the Enemy: Part 1

Self sabatoge is an expression of YOU. Do you think making any part of yourself an enemy will serve you?

It will not. It just creates fracture. If you relate to a part of yourself as if it is an enemy and treat it as such, it becomes shadow.

Self-sabotage is just COMMUNICATION about what FEELS SAFE to your psyche and your nervous system.

When you start to have an experience in life that is contrary to the subconscious beliefs you’ve been running since you were a child, the psyche feels threatened.

Whether these patterns are life affirming to you or not, whether they are wanted or not, they feel “safe” because they are what’s known.

95-97% of your thoughts are subconscious and most of these exist with a single goal which is to keep creating an outer experience of life that matches these core beliefs.

When that does not happen - even if the new experience is something you “want” the psyche feels threatened and will doing everything in its power to redirect life back to the know pattern.

Your psyche is quite intelligent and knows you better than anyone.

It knows exactly what to do that will derail, deflate, or collapse you. Maybe it’s negative self-talk, maybe it’s getting sick, or having relationship problems, whatever your easy trigger is, it knows and will go for it.

Again, this is to keep you safe.

And while it will require courage and commitment to change these patterns, it’s not a battle.

Self-sabotage arises to reroute your energy from the new experience back to the old familiar you.
Instead of fighting it, become intimate with it. Become intimate with yourself.

Start to communicate with it. What is it trying to tell you? What is it afraid of? Allow the expression of yourself to be fully witnessed without allowing it to control your behavior.

(I see you. I hear you… And this is what I’m choosing instead.)

If you can give compassion to this part of yourself, and maybe even have a little sense of humor about the strange human predicament we’re in, the grip of self-sabotage will begin to lessen over time.