AEGIRINE | Stone of integrity. Aligns you with your truest convictions and gives you the courage to follow them. Acts as a sword that cuts through untruth and self-deception. Helps to overcome shame and grief. Removes psychic and auric attachments or hooks. Very protective against negative energy and electromagnetic radiation. Supports the energy field for the awakening of Kundalini. Pisces.

AMAZONITE | Known as the Truth stone. Empowers one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity and to love in alignment with those beliefs and values. Soothes the chakras and aligns the physical body to the etheric.

AMETHYST | Excellent for enhancing your intuition and psychic awareness. A great stone for meditation. Holds very healing and soothing properties.

ANGELITE | Connects you to the etheric realm. Aids in knowing and speaking your truth. Connects you to your angels and guides. A catalyst for incredible healing.

APOPHYLLITE | Connects you to the spiritual world. Used for deep meditation, mystical visions, and astral travel. Cleanses and detoxifies. Supports Reiki and energy healing.

AQUAMARINE | Brings fearlessness. Soothes + calms. Inspires letting go. Reflects the hidden meaning in life. A conduit for meditation + prophecy. Allows you to explore the depth of your soul.

AZURITE | Resonates at the frequency of the Third Eye. Opens celestial gateways. Cleanses the subconscious. Connect with your power. Relives confusion, stress, and worry. 

BLACK LAVA | The warrior's stone. Brings calm under pressure. Stabilizing. Protective.

BLACK ONYX | Aids in prophecy and connecting with spirits. Cleanses negativity and pollution from the aura and psyche. Deeply magic. Powerfully protective.

BLACK TOURMALINE | Powerfully grounding. Creates an electrical charge between the earth + spirit. Enhances self-confidence and a sense of strength and power. Moves prana through the body.

BLUE CHALCEDONY | An ethereal, yet solid stone. Called the speakers stone as it helps you communicate your truth. Excellent for meditation and receiving transmissions. Helps to access information in other realms, especially the Akashic.

BLUE LACE AGATE | Supports clear communication. Enhances communication with the angelic realm. Heals and clears the throat chakra. Creates grace.

BLOODSTONE | An intense healing stone used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart. Helps to overcome distress and anxiety. Grounding and purifying. Balances excess fire energy. 

CARNELIAN | Stimulates and energizes Life Force vitality. Awakens the root and sacral chakra. Dispels irrational fears. Ignites passion. 

CAVANSITE | Helps you to navigate major life changes and integrate your life lessons. Aids in prophecy and catalyzes throat chakra clearing and healing.

CELESTITE | Helps you to commune with your angels. Acts as a bridge and guide to the etheric world. Heals the throat chakra. Enhances meditation and clairvoyance.

CHAROITE | Allows access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears to live in the present, and spiritual guidance for the future. Brings high spiritual energy into union with the physical plane. Helps to integrates intense spiritual and psychic energies into the body with ease. 

CHRYSOCOLLA | Holds Goddess energy. Aids in communication. Helps you to communicate compassionately. Stimulates creative expression. Excellent for writers, singers, and teachers.

CITRINE | Often called the stone of success. Draws upon the personal power stored in the navel center to aid in powerful manifestation and prosperity. Aids in any work with the third chakra including self-esteem, will power and personal power issues. Adds joy and spontaneity.

CLEAR QUARTZ | A Master Crystal. Clears and re-energizes all chakras and stimulates the crown. Aids intuition and enhances psychic awareness. Clears and cleanses negative energies.

COBALTO CALCITE | Heals love wounds. Purifies negativity from the heart and emotional body. Attracts a soul mate. Unconditional love. Fierce love. Helps to bridge the heart and body in love and sex. A tantrika's stone. A healer's stone.

COPPER | Great conductor of energy. Amplifies the effects of all other crystals. Connects you to Earth energy. Reduces inflammation, repairs tissue and oxygenizes the blood.

CRAZY LACE AGATE | Calms nervousness. Helps with public speaking and speaking your truth with confidence. Activates the throat chakra. Crazy lace is happy stone and encourages laughter and joy. Balances positive and negative polarities.

DIAMOND | The king of gems. A crystal of light and high frequency. A symbol of purity and innocence. Amplifies manifestation. Gives hope. Connects you to the spiritual realms. Activates the Radiant Body and Crown Chakra. Clears the etheric body. 

FLUORITE | An excellent stone for healing. Reduces inflammation in the body or mind.  Soothes and calms. Balances. Clears the mind so that you can concentrate.

FUCHSITE: An inspiration stone - perfect for uplifting and revitalizing you. Brings effervescence and lightness. Helps you to bounce back after deep stress or illness. Can help to access information regarding your health.

GOLD RUTILATED QUARTZ | This crystal is a massive conductor of light energy! Helps to expand the pranic body so that you can hold more life force. Super-charges manifestation. Enhances and tunes the radiant body (the 10th body)

GREEN FLUORITE | Cleanses, renews and invigorates. Helps the heart and emotional body heal. Cleanses the subconscious. Release of trauma + addictions. Supports your highest self.

HERKIMER DIAMOND | The high energy seekers of the crystal world. Strengthens and fortifies your radiant body and auric field. Draws in pure light. Greatly amplifies manifestation. 

HOWLITE | Brings tranquility. | Very calming stone used to relieve stress of all kinds. Makes an excellent antidote to insomnia and also assists in relaxing and releasing muscular tension.

JADE | The luck stone. Brings good luck and abundance.

KYANITE: An ascension stone. Accelerates higher learning and evolution of consciousness. Kyanite is wonderful for channeling and connecting with your spirit guides. Heals the throat chakra. It's said that Kyanite is incapable of holding negative energies, so never requires clearing.

LABRADORITE | The shaman's stone. A stone of magic. Can only be used for good. Potent and powerful, yet full of grace. Activates initiation into the Great Mystery. Gives you the courage and power to own your gifts and your path in the world.

LAPIS | The stone of royalty and wisdom. Tunes the wearer into their highest wisdom. A stone of nobility. Protective. Attracts wealth. Yogi Bhajan says this is one of four stones that will "give its life for you".

LEPIDOLITE | (Lilac Stone is a variant of Lepidolite.) Lepidolite is one of the deepest healing stones I know of. It lovingly pulls out trauma, esp. sexual trauma, from the body, psyche and emotional body. Soothes and calms. Activates self-healing and self-love. Brings hope in dark times.

LEMURIAN QUARTZ | Receive coded information from Lemuria. Activates light energy. Removes all types of blockages. Balances the whole system.

MALACHITE | A stone of transformation. Assists in making a change with ease. Creates a protective barrier.  Activates success and pleasure in life. Guards against radiation and electromagnetic pollution. Helps to access the star-realms.

MOONSTONE | The Goddess stone. A stone of Divine Feminine energy. Holds the energy of the moon. Excellent for granting wishes and fulfilling desires. Protective for women and children.

MOTHER OF PEARL | Heightens intuition and psychic sensitivity. Used to purify environments and transmute negativity. Protective for mothers and children. 

OPAL | The "Eye Stone".  For love and luck.  Inspires innocence and purity. Enhances the aura and intuition. Protective. 

OPTICAL CALCITE | Activates the psychic centers. Acts as a window to the past an future. Clears your intuitive senses.

ORANGE CALCITE | Energizing. Brings vitality and exuberance to the user. Uplifts the spirit. Draws in abundance. Grounding.

PINK OPAL | Release fear and anxiety from the heart. Soothe the emotional body. Brings a sense of wonder, hope, and inspiration. Dispels painful memories.

PYRITE | A power stone. Grounds excess fire energy and redirects into creativity. Enhances willpower and self-authority. Protective. Strengthens 3rd chakra.

RHODOCHROSITE | Relives anxiety. Heals trauma, especially sexual trauma. Helps to eliminate and resolve anger issues. Soothing.

ROSE QUARTZ | Activates Self-love and forgiveness. Heals the heart center. Soothes heart pain. A very nurturing stone.

RUBY + KYANITE | Support speaking from the heart. Aids in astral travel. Syncs spiritual and physical wealth. Connects all the chakras.

RUBY + ZOISITE | Brings trust in the universe and depth to happiness. Stimulates the heart and crown chakra and can be used for healing, vitality and enhancing psychic abilities.

SHUNGITE | Repels EMF's. Heals and purifies water + infuses it with super antioxidants. Protective. 

SILVER LEAF JASPER | Calms and grounds excessive fire energy. Supports the release and healing of deep anger and resentment, without having to enter into "process". Clears karmic patterns from the arc line. Wards against demonic energy. Excellent stone for people with chronic illness as it helps to reduce pain in the body and restructure the DNA. Balancing.

SMOKEY QUARTZ | A stone of power. Has a unique ability to both ground energy and raise your vibration. Transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Creates a seriously protective field.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN | A stone for balance. Especially good for men - balances the masculine and feminine qualities (manifesting/receptive).

SNOWY QUARTZ | Balances yin/yang energy. Cleanses the energy field. Aids clarity and realization. 

SODALITE |  A stone of calm. Brings calm and peace to the wearer. Holds the energy of water.

SPIRIT QUARTZ | Uplifts the spirit. Creates a spiritual connection. Opens the crown chakra. Activates all chakras.

SUNSTONE | A stone of joy. Restores the enjoyment of life and good nature. Reflecting the qualities of the sun god, Ra, it brings openness, benevolence, and warmth. Opens you to an experience of abundance.

SUPER SEVEN | Universal brotherhood of humanity. Opens up all senses and all seven chakras. Enhances all psychic qualities. Heals earth, mind, body + spirit.

TURQUOISE | Protective stone. Brings good luck (especially for travelers) and friendship. This stone can take on the qualities of the wearer, so is different for everyone. 

VANADINITE | Powerfully stimulates creativity. Helps you clear the path for your purpose. Grounds creativity and imagination into the physical realm.

WHITE TURQUOISE (Magnesite) | Holds a solid foundation for Light. Calming. Creates a border of protection. Grounds and clears energy. Balances the chakras.

ZEOLITE | The Reiki stone, the detoxification stone. A must for every home. | Excellent for clearing the energy in a space. Restores balance and light. An important stone for anyone with illness as it aids physical healing. Also good for energy and body workers to cleanse after a session.