Nervous system capacity is maybe the most critical asset we can cultivate if we want to live a deeply engaged and fulfilling life.

The nervous system corresponds directly to our physical health, our ability to experience joy and pleasure, our ability to withstand pressure and challenge, our feelings of wellbeing, and our depth of intimacy.

In this four-week experiential course, we'll use several modalities to both strengthen and relax the nervous system, creating profound shifts in healing, self-awareness, relationships, and stress management.

When your nervous system is weak, you feel reactive, agitated, negative, numb, checked-out, consumed by stress and fatigue. Well-meaning endeavors to create expansion or change inevitably result in collapse or overwhelm. 

When your nervous system is strong and relaxed, you feel vibrant, vital, creative, and expansive. You are intuitively responsive, open to deep intimacy and pleasure, embodied, and able to care for yourself well.

At its core, any practice or technique which elicits healing is working with the nervous system. Although it's not often given direct credit, it is, in fact, the central key to your wellbeing. 

When we focus on nervous system care, we can catalyze deep healing in all aspects of life: emotional, psychological, physical, subtle, and spiritual. 

True healing is not a mental process; it is somatic, meaning it is necessary to connect healing with the body. We do this by working with the nervous system. 

If trauma is not fully processed, its effects erode our quality of life at best and leave us wholly debilitated at worst.

Because humans often suppress instinct, trauma response gets locked into the body. The nervous system stays "on", and the result is a cascade of dysfunction. 

Getting to know our nervous system intimately gives us access to a much deeper understanding of self than a mental-only approach to self-study.

While the mind can draw a seemingly infinite number of conclusions, the body does not lie. It responds directly and immediately to stimulus and can give us feedback that the mind misses. 

Additionally, nervous system strength is essential for holding and integrating the powerful influx of energies which correspond to spiritual awakening.

I have spent the last twenty years healing myself. This includes healing from trauma, abuse, addiction, mental illness, physical illness, and more.

If I were to narrow down what has had the most significant impact, it would be working with my nervous system.

In this course, I offer you the best and most effective practices which I have learned, or created myself, from two decades of study in healing, wellness, yoga, energetics, somatic awareness, embodiment, consciousness, nutrition, physical fitness, and spiritual practice.

Here, you will gain tools and insights to create healing, manage stress, mitigate the lingering effects of trauma, and optimize your wellbeing.

These practices will continue to serve you far beyond the scope of our time together. They are life-long tools and when practiced over time, you'll find them to be a gateway to ever-increasing quality of life.


  • Weekly lecture/dharma talk with time for practice and questions
  • Weekly breath-work sessions
  • Movement practices
  • Yogic practice
  • Emotional release techniques
  • Guided meditations
  • Body talk
  • How to create a silent meditation practice and why it is essential
  • Re-wilding techniques
  • Nutrition to support nervous system health
  • Optional DIY nourishing cleanse program 
  • Somatic awareness and embodiment practices 
  • How to strengthen nervous system capacity
  • How to relax the nervous system
  • Presence practice
  • Pleasure practice - strengthening the nervous system to hold more capacity for bliss and ecstasy
  • Awakening the subtle body through relaxation
  • Understanding of how trauma affects the nervous system
  • Receiving essential feedback from your nervous system
  • Creating a lifestyle that fits your unique needs
  • How the nervous system affects relationships 
  • How to cultivate deeper intimacy by using the nervous system
  • How to communicate needs based on nervous system responses
  • How modern life weakens the nervous system and what lifestyle choices you can make to mitigate impact


  • Program is 4 weeks long
  • All classes are recorded if you can't make the live class
  • Online classes meet via Zoom 
  • 1 x class/lecture per week approx 90 min
  • 1 x breath-work session per week approx 30-40 min
  • Additional course material to be given via email including PDF's, videos, and more
  • Weekly assignments to create depth and integration
  • Optional nourishing cleanse with guidelines and support
  • All course content is yours to keep and use forever




"[Jessica] is a devoted, visionary teacher. She is very responsive, encouraging and supportive throughout the experience. Connection with Sangha has been generously felt with face time opportunities and active, honest sharing in the online forum. Thank you for this deeply supportive offering." - Shawn-Marie 

“Jessica has been a blessing in my life. She’s brave and beautiful. You feel the passion and strength in her eyes. Her healing light reached the dark places of my soul and transformed me. Her mantras and miracles class is beautiful, full of powerful magic and one of a kind. You will never be the same after this experience. Feel the love and absorb the greatness of the child of the divine. Thank you.” - Ketty

“Jessica Hesser is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the honor of being a student of. She emanates a type of sensitivity, wisdom, and grace that is unique among teachers. She is also one of the most selflessly dedicated individuals I know, always making a priority service to others." - Sayer Ji, founder, Green Med Info

“Thank you for your gifts of love and healing Jessica. I have met a lot of teachers during my time, wow, you are the real deal! May you be blessed as you bless others.” - Susan

"Wow! Things are surfacing...the good, bad, all of it. I'm breathing and feeling my way through. Your classes have been just what I needed. Thank you." - Nicole

"Mahalo siStar [Jessica] Hesser for holding this safe container, for offering the support I needed to skyrocket in my awakening and providing the opportUnity to love myself in a way I have never before experienced." - Simona

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