Welcome to your Healy Biz! I'm so happy you are here. 

First, please join our business team here on WhatsApp: The Frequency Shift. This is the place for business conversations, questions, and support. 

Also join our Business Announcement community to get updates-only on all relevant and important business information: Biz Community Announcements

Once you're on WhatsApp, send me a DM so I can add your contact and get you any additional resources. 

For the most part, you'll learn everything you need to about your business as you go by coming to the calls and joining the groups. 


Team Calls

This is where most of the action is and where you'll receive your biz training. If there's anything to tune into, it's the team calls. We have several types of calls and options.

Reality Crafting Biz Immersion 

We have just launched a very exciting four week Reality Crafting Business Immersion which will be taking place of team calls for the month of July. 

You can find all the info and register here: https://www.freedomfrequency.co/realitycrafting

Frequency School 

Once a month we host a guest for training on themes like Healy, quantum biology, energetics and more. You can find call info in our group and also here: https://www.thefrequencyschool.com


We have several additional monthly calls: public info calls, moon circles, skill-shares and more on a rotational basis. All info for these calls will be dropped in our group WhatsApp thread and can be found on our team calendar: https://bit.ly/healy_calendar

Replays for our team calls can be found here: Frequency Shift Youtube



All of your biz resources are housed here for you: http://bit.ly/frequencyfamilycodes

I recommend starting with section 1 & 2 in Boards to orient to the business. These areas will show you how to get your referral link, how to start sharing on social media, and more. 

Also check out the section on Fast Start. Fast start is the opportunity to earn cash bonuses on all sales for your first two calendar months PLUS the opportunity to earn a free device! 

If you were to sell 4 Pro devices in your first two months here you would earn enough cash through commissions and bonuses to pay off your original device purchase, plus you'd get a free Resonance Plus! 



The business opportunity here is rich, and there's lots to take in, but this will get tie started for now. Don't forget to send me a DM on WhatsApp so we are directly connected there.

If you have any questions, you can ask in our group thread or reach out to me directly. 

Enjoy your journey!