A Follow Up Note About Yogi Bhajan/ Kundalini Yoga

It is an unfortunate fact that good teachings come from unethical and harmful teachers all the time. Profound spiritual traditions are rife with abuse. It’s like a virus. The paradox is incredibly confusing. ⁣

In response to recent events exposing Yogi Bhajan’s abuse of students, a lot of people are asking me if the teachings can be separated from the teacher; if it's okay to still practice Kundalini Yoga. ⁣

I can't answer that for you. I don't know what you should do. I make no claims about whether it is right or wrong to practice or teach. I make no judgments about it either. You have to answer that for yourself. I don't guess there is an objectively right or wrong answer here. If you feel you need permission to make your own choice, consider it given. ⁣

It is true that Kundalini Yoga has (and does) help many in profound ways - including myself. It is true that Kundalini Yoga transformed my life, as is the story for many others. And it appears true that the practice came from a man who caused an unconscionable amount of harm. Again, this is the unfortunate paradox. There is no way to resolve it. We can only acknowledge it and sit with the discomfort of that contradiction.⁣

This paradox is not an excuse to bypass the seriousness of what has been revealed. It is not an excuse to shrug off dealing with it, to be at all dismissive of the harm caused. It also does not necessitate choosing sides. ⁣

There is no need to push against anyone or anything. Everyone is free here. If something is not for you, simply remove your energy and attention from it.

It’s okay for you not to know what to do. It’s okay for you to choose a response and change your mind later. It’s okay for you to find your own way with it. It’s okay for this to be difficult. It’s okay for it to be messy. ⁣

Again, my only advice is to honor your own heart and integrity. Clean up your space. Your body will tell you if you are not in alignment. Trust yourself. ⁣

And be kind to each other. ⁣