M+M is the love offering of Jessica Hesser. As well as sharing her poetry, writing, yoga + events, we offer ethically sourced crystals, curated vintage finds and small batch goods made with prayer + love. We are committed to sustainable + heart-based business practices that flow energetically + creatively. 


Modern production methods are often incredibly harmful and exploitive both to the environment and to workers. When considering how best we could offer things of beauty in a way that cared for the earth and its people, the only clearly ethical and sustainable option was vintage. We sell and incorporating vintage items into new creations so we can offer you beautiful and meaningful pieces that leave a light tread. 


As the crystal craze has exploded and the market for crystal buying has grown, the practices by which crystals are mined have come under scrutiny. We believe in the power of these magnificent stones, but not at the cost of brutalizing land and exploiting workers.

By selling crystals whose source we can verify as being from a private collection, held off the market for several years, or mined by individuals with whom we’ve established a rapport and whom we belive use sustainable mining practices, we offer you these magical rocks while remaining in alignment with our values and ethos. 


Our floral products are made from plants which are carefully and sustaibly picked from our own eco-farm in Hawai'i.


Offerings change with times and seasons and reflect where are our hearts are currently drawn. All items are made with great care and infused with prayer and mantra. Crystals and gemstone jewelry are energetically cleansed and activated. Goods are offered for a limited time only and we do not accept requests for custom orders.


We make an effort to ensure we are sourcing as naturally, ethically, sustainably, and locally as possible. Materials and their sources are often listed for you in detail on product pages. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Since inception, we have prided ourself on beautiful packaging. We want every shipment delivered to feel like a present. We want receiving a M+M package to be a joy from beginning to end. It's a big part of how we show our appreciation and care for you as a customer.

But these are radical times, and we believe they require radical change. We will be minimizing, reusing, and repurposing packaging wherever we can. Our aim is still to create a beautiful experience for you, but our "look" is changing. We know you love the earth too, and hope you appreciate our response. 

Have questions? Please email us at hello@jessicahesser.com