“Let my idle chatter be the muttering of prayer, my every manual movement the execution of ritual gesture, my walking a ceremonial circumambulation, my eating and other acts the rite of sacrifice, my lying down prostration in worship, my every pleasure enjoyed with dedication of myself, let whatever activity is mine be some form of worship of you.”
~ Adi Shankaracharya 



Jessica Hesser is a poetic activator, esoteric healing arts guide, and women’s leader.

Jessica’s mission is to awaken people to their creative power and potential; to inspire them to a life of beauty and joy. On the dawn of this great human evolution she sees an opportunity for both individual and collective liberation and helps guide people to remembrance of their original blueprint, their natural sovereignty and quantum capacity.

Jessica is devoted to seeking spiritual truth. This path has lead her to a radical experience of intimacy with life and a deep, embodied experience of wholeness. She is honored to share her journey as it helps to facilitate transformation for others. Jessica has worked in the healing arts spaces for over 15 years as a yoga and meditation teacher, breath-work facilitator, holistic fitness specialist, and founder of Mantras + Miracles.

Jessica splits her time between a cabin in the mountains and exploring the world. 

Background & Training

Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga, KRI
CYT 200 hr Yoga Teacher, Aquarian University
Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Ryoho
Holistic Fitness Specialist, ISSA
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, ISSA