"Thank you so much for this class! it opened a new aspect of self care and healing and huge growth potential! I have never come across anything like these teachings, and already feel my experience of everything changing! I love it and am so excited to continue learning about nervous system care. So grateful to you. Jessica!" - Christy 

"Sometimes it is hard to step into a commitment via online channels. However I did trust my instincts and it was the best decision ever to take your course. I think for me the most valuable part has been realizing the importance of trusting your body instead of being scared of it; and knowing that your body is wise enough to fix itself if you give it the right space. I cannot thank you enough for breaking this barrier between me and my body (although we are one)." - Cansu

"You’ve ALWAYS been a fucking fantastic teacher/leader in all of your online classes, but this one...you’ve glowed. You’ve absolutely nailed this course like a Mother 🙌🏼 so gentle & real & lovely. 1000% keep doing it! I’m in!" - Stevi

"Thank YOU so much Jessica! This class was so wonderful, and even though I didn’t get to attend live, I got so much out of it. The gentle, healing practices that you taught us are so helpful, and I hope to be using them in my every day practice. I truly believe that this work is what we need, slowing down, connecting with the body and the breath... Much love, and I am forever grateful to you because you have opened my eyes to healing in a beautiful way." - Angela

"Wow- an amazing breath work session today 🙌🏼 I feel like a new door is opening in my life, in my body, and for my self with this work. I’m excited and am blessed with these new practices and all this new information! The unlocking of a doorway to a new experience." - Christy 

"Wow great session again yesterday, thank you! I am getting braver in diving deeper into these breathing sessions. Thank you for encouraging me to do this and creating a sense of safety in the field." - Cansu

"So very grateful! This was the best meditation EVER." - Stevi

"I used to get really funny during breathing sessions and today was the first one that i actually really trusted in the flow and enjoyed. I went back to my childhood moments at some point. And also cried at some point. That was my release. Felt great! Also funny enough since I started the course so much clarity coming." - Cansu

"Powerful, transformational, divine. These are the words that come to mind after 90mins of Kundalini with Sevapreet. I never know what to expect when I arrive for class, but I do know that I’ll work through whatever I need to by the time I leave. She helps me connect straight to my power source and I find that her classes are the best investment for my mind, body and spirit. If you haven’t taken Kundalini with Sevapreet, I highly recommend attending her class (or downloading her program online) because it’s an experience that you’ll want to continue regularly." - Justine Ma, Wellness Coach, NYC, NY

"Jessica Hesser is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the honor of being a student of. She emanates a type of sensitivity, wisdom, and grace that is unique among teachers. She is also one of the most selflessly dedicated individuals I know, always making a priority service to others. In the time that I knew her in Florida, I saw how she attracted a loyal following, and generated prosperity for the organization - Shangri-la - she taught for. I would recommend Jessica and her teachings to anyone I know, who appreciates wisdom, dedication, and an uncanny skill to come up with the perfect teachings for each student." - Sayer Ji, founder, Green Med Info

"Thank you for your gifts of love and healing Jessica. I have met a lot of teachers during my time, wow, you are the real deal! May you be blessed as you bless others." - Susan

"Your class was AMAZING!... You have something special and extra incredible light that needs to be shared!" - Paige

"I really love your classes, there's something about the balance between the connection you create (even online), the teachings and why's behind why we do something and how to do so that make your classes really valuable. A spectrum I don’t always find in a teacher! " - Vicki

"Your humility and grace fill the room with pink roses. Thank you for your connection." - Toni-Cara

"You are so awesome and patient! I truly appreciate you as a teacher and example of service." - Meredith

"Working with Jessica is like a breath of soul brought through your existence. She takes you to new levels of yourself, your truth, that you didn't even realize were there. New levels of strength and serenity that existed within the whole time are unveiled as her epic guidance helps to reveal the deepest layers of truth of your divinity. Her work is so needed in this world as so many people, women in particular, are disconnected from themselves and what they're capable of. The embodiment that she is about to bring to light in even one session (let alone a whole series!!) is profound. I consider myself so lucky to be both her client and her friend." - Ashlee

"There comes a time in your life when you're at a crossroads and you know the decision you make will change everything. Jessica helped me better trust my intuition to make the right decision. Our soul session was amazing and I felt completely connected right from the start. Thank you, Jessica!" - Adrienne

“Thank you Jessica! This practice is a blessing.” - Student

“I want to THANK YOU for supporting me through my first official Kriya.I'm grateful for this experience. I sense shifts and I know there is more that I'm unaware of. Samskaras make so much sense and how kundalini yoga jumps in to the "rescue". Breath of fire, for one, is amazing. I look forward to more and learning better about how pointless it really is to be hard on thyself and simply walk the path of love and unneeded baggage will slip off, emotional and physical, eventually if not already. I'm happy to have been a part of this 40-day Kriya with you.” - Stephanie

“I have read all of your blogs, particularly your final blog. I was lucky enough to meet you at your art and yoga showing at the Shangri La. A friend and I, vacationing in Naples, drove there for that purpose. As you know I have ordered your jewelry since. Your writings are full of truth, your jewelry made with a spirit. If you get this email, please take this away from my words. My friend and I felt you were so very special. Your decision to begin this new journey will be the best decision of your life. I do not want to guess where you will and eventually. I cannot imagine how many other lives you will bless. You have so much to share and teach and learn. How wonderful that you are beginning this journey, one many of us should have done but were too afraid. Good speed to you, Jessica Hesser. Keep writing and occasionally share it with those of us who don't have your courage and spirit. Blessings to you.” - Jennifer

"Dear Jessica, Thank you! I love your posts and I love your work. Thank you for being a LIGHTHOUSE." - Aubrey

"When I started working with Jessica six months ago I was undergoing some difficult and daunting life changes. At that time, I wasn’t sure how I was going to traverse that path not only having to show up for myself, I also had to show up for my children. It was then that I started my first (of many) courses with Jessica and also changed my primary yoga practice to kundalini. I honestly feel like this was the most important course of action I could have taken at that time. I knew that I needed to find a way to lead us through the turmoil with poise, clarity and strength. Working with Jessica and the kundalini that she offers has encouraged me to trust myself and how to better recognize my natural intuition. I’ve learned how to disentangle myself from the old energies with auric activation and clearing, mantras, breath work and the properly aligned kriyas that pair with each course. Not only is Jessica a truly gifted teacher, she is extremely supportive and non judgmental while working with you during her unique courses. I’ve learned so much from her and continue to do so, she is full of ideas and information. Kundalini yoga and its lifestyle was something that had appealed to me for some time, but the process of learning it seemed intimidating to me. Jessica’s style of teaching has made this somewhat strict and rigid form of yoga approachable and exciting. The 40 day sadhanas have taught me how to show up for myself on a daily basis and the joy of what it feels like when you commit to your own mind, body and spirit. The work that I’ve done with Jessica has given me the skills and confidence I needed to guide me through so much and most importantly helped me trust that I am fully capable of navigating my own path with wisdom and grace. Sat Nam." - Stevi

“What I love about Jessica is that she is constantly challenging herself as a student and putting her heart into being a teacher. She is not an instructor, but rather, she is a teacher. For instance, she goes beyond telling us what to do, say, or think. Instead, she educates us and encourages personal growth and evolution. I have been able to use the insight that I learned in class and apply it to life. It is her passion for sharing her knowledge that makes her a conduit of wisdom. Another one of Jessica’s distinctive qualities is that she takes ownership of her experiences, emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Her humble approach is what makes her so genuine. I trust her as a teacher, because she creates a beautiful space for us to mature in the art of yoga. I appreciate her resolution to remain pure in her practice of yoga. Jessica follows her heart, rather than what is the current fad or what is already accepted. I have learned so much about yoga solely through her. I look forward to more of Jessica!” - Jinmi

“I don’t know what to say other than “Thank You”, from the bottom of my heart. I feel connected to you.” - Juli

“Jessica has been a blessing in my life. She’s brave and beautiful. You feel the passion and strength in her eyes. Her healing light reached the dark places of my soul and transformed me. Her mantras and miracles class is beautiful, full of powerful magic and one of a kind. You will never be the same after this experience. Feel the love and absorb the greatness of the child of the divine. Thank you.” - Ketty

"Once in a great while you might cross paths with a special person who inspires you and teaches you as I did when meeting you. I felt your glow and light, and it ended up meaning more than you know... Your writings helped lead me to a better place with meditation, kundalini yoga, and the knowledge that there IS more. I didn't know how to grow. I just knew I needed more of this freedom from the depression and ills from the accident... I was lucky enough to meet you at your art and yoga showing at the Shangri La. A friend and I, vacationing in Naples, drove there for that purpose... Your writings are full of truth, your jewelry made with a spirit. If you get this email, please take this away from my words. My friend and I felt you were so very special... I cannot imagine how many other lives you will bless. You have so much to share and teach and learn." - Jennifer

"I am in love with all that you are, be, do! I wish I lived close by. I sent my hubby to your site for my bday present :)" - Zofia

“Thank you so so much for inspiring me to do this Kriya for the last 50+ days! I feel subtle energy more than I ever have before. I feel my body and surrounding energy as contained yet semi-permeable. I can give more of myself without feeling depleted afterwards. My emotions are more stable and I have the self awareness to pause and feel before acting. It's pretty incredible- I feel so supported by this practice. THANK YOU!” - Keely

"Thank you for being a light to so many ." - Jennifer

“Thank you for your offerings ~ you light me up <3” - Keely
"I did the pre-eclipse session and it was so amazing! I have never done Kundalini before and had no idea what to expect. I loved it so much! I am so grateful I found this and that you created it... Thank you!" - Ashley

"I know you don't know me from Adam, as they say, but want to thank you for your wonderful emails, support and information throughout this series… As someone who puts information out into the world, not always knowing how it impacts, I wanted to take this moment to say thank you. You are doing an amazing job…Wahe Guru!” - Sat Hari (Holly)

“Thank you for your love and kindness. It has touched me more than I can say. And you do not even know me. I have been doing as you suggested. And then this is such a wonderful reminder of such a great truth. A life lesson for me without a doubt. I cannot begin to tell you how much your thoughtful words were appreciated.” - Kati

“Jessica is a great inspiration to me. She is the real deal and authentic in her yoga approach. Her classes have helped me tremendously in all aspects of my Life. She has a gentle and pure approach which I appreciate. What I most like about it is the inner work that other yoga practices don’t offer. It is a good balance for me to do all kinds of yoga but this particular yoga really resonates for me on my spiritual path.” - Eileen

“Jessica has been an inspirational change in my life. She has helped me to change both my physical and spiritual self in ways I didn’t think possible. I have changed my life to a state of bliss with Jessica’s help. The lessons I have learned from her I will carry throughout my life, for the rest of my life. I would like to thank Jessica for being Jessica. She is a rare light in this world.” - Patrick

"Your posts are off the charts! I'm stunned by how many crucial posts you are doing! They are the Grace of God, voiced. Holy Healing Instruction. I am testament of their power. I am choosing Love in a powerful and conscious way , like never before. Difficult to find words for the dramatic change I've experienced, and your posts have led me to this change and supported it. Guided me. Strong bright light and instruction. Bless you, Jessica." - Christy

"I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to take part in this class. I have tried online kundalini meditation courses before and they were always very brusque and rather assuming a certain sort of person on the other end of the screen which didn't work for me. This class has been very accessible and doable which is huge considering the health problems I experience." - Michelle

“Moving, inspiring, and sacred experience. Thank you Jessica.” - Client

"I just wanted to thank you for the meditation to clear ancestral karma, I did it with my 7 month old on my lap and it just felt so significant and cleansing, gave me goosebumps!" - Danielle

“In my time of knowing and working with Jessica, I have found her to be an extraordinary teacher. Her quiet style holds a lot of strength, which inspires her students to trust her as she leads them through their inner journeys. She is professional, reliable and creative. As a studio owner, I have always counted on her to provide quality content as well as to thoroughly promote her own classes and workshops. In my opinion, you cannot find teachers like her often, and I would hire her back in an instant; she is a true joy to work with.” - Jamie Shane

“I would like to recommend Jessica Hesser for a position within the healing arts. With her natural talent both as a leader and a creator, I believe she is an asset to any endeavor she may pursue. She rises to the top in all that she sets her mind to and shines out among the crowd. She is dedicated and committed. You can rely on her word which is not easy to find in today's work world. We miss her dearly and hope you are able to experience the fine person she is as a teacher, an artist and guiding spirit.” - Zawi

“Jessica Sevapreet Hesser was my first official Kundalini Yoga teacher. During my first class with Jessica, I fell in love with the practice of Kundalini -- I knew I had found the yoga practice I had been searching for. Jessica created the space for this to happen through allowing a loving and accepting energy in the class. When the exercises became difficult, she encouraged us to stay with them and persevere. Her sweet demeanor and encouragement supported me in holding the exercise beyond what I thought I could. I left the class lighter and feeling more empowered in my life.” - Lizz Cohoon

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the wonderful Prosperity and Magnetism course! Before signing up with you I had done this kriya a few times, but had not committed to 40 days. I'm so glad I did! Unfortunately I didn't get to join in on any of the live classes besides the first one, and I'm not on facebook - regardless, I felt connected to the group and really appreciated your generosity throughout, be it with replays, serendipitous invitations to join on other offerings and just your refreshing realness! I loved watching the way my view on prosperity has evolved, and my commitment and faith in knowing whatever is needed to forward me on my journey is available to me. I took a couple days off after the first 40 days, but just finished another 40! I have certainly noticed some positive results from this practice, so I will definitely be keeping it up!" - Deanna

"So grateful for you and this incredible practice!" - Meredith

"During the practice what I love the most is that I feel so much lighter, my voice is more powerful and open and my understanding about what commitment is has seriously grown." - Student

"I have noticed a serious stripping away of BS and massive clarity. Did I say massive clarity!? Excited to continue." - Student

"I feel stronger emotionally and psychologically. Resilient. Things that used to break me down slide right off me and don't stay with me very long (criticism both real and perceived, perceived judgment, really difficult professional conversations that shoot down my research and professional goals!) Those have all been MAJOR PTSD triggers for me. That I finally feel my window of tolerance widen THIS much is amazing! And that criticism happened several times a day last week at the conference. Also, I feel immensely resilient under stress." - Student

"I feel like the kriya is allowing my new Ayurvedic medicine to really work with my body, which is beyond beautiful. And the miraculous experiences I had during my academic conference last week were nothing short of a divine boost. I'm truly grateful for the extra love this kriya is bestowing on my life. It's a total pain to do everyday but I love how I feel after the first 1-2 minutes of doing it and the results!" - Student

"This has been a practice during a pretty transitional time in my life. There are moments where I feel hopeless, hopeful, totally confused, etc. But this practice is something I can come to to center. Once I got passed the initial pain of it around day 13 or so, i find that sometimes during the practice I have a real burst of emotions that need to come through. It's been very grounding for me." - Student

"I have felt a community surrounding me for the entire time, although I struggled in my personal life quite a bit over the last 2 weeks. However, yesterday and today have been amazing and many of the things that I have been focusing on during my kriya have manifested!!!!! I mentioned that I was working on reopening my business and there have been 2 major developments greatly benefiting my business!" - Student

"This has been a powerful experience for me and still unfolding ... as I commit and stay steadfast, even with the little glitch last weekend which brought me to start fresh half way thru... it feels so important and transformative. I trust that there is deep work happening beneath the surface. I can feel my physical pain and tightness slooowly melt away as I dive deeper into the root of it." - Student

"The more I do it the more natural and lighter I feel. For me the best part of it all is putting my faith and trust in the process of doing something, when results weren’t apparent at first. When I started, I had nooo idea what I was signing up for. It seemed kinda weird, I’m a Kundalini yoga newbie! but I was like, you know what, if Sevapreet says it works, then I’m going to believe it works! And acting in faith is a powerful thing." - Student

"And I have to say, out of all the Facebook groups and challenges I’ve been a part of, this one is by far the most loving, supportive and engaging one." - Student

"I have literally fallen in love with this practice and the transformation of kundalini yoga! My fears around the business I've started are dissipating and I'm more accepting and resilient of my current challenges. After 2 years of resistance with my novel--the ideas are flowing and I'm writing like nobody's business! I love how energized, creative and resilient I feel and how I just get into a trancey state at certain points during the 11 minutes! I hope you continue to teach more and all kinds of kundalini yoga practices online." - Student

"I feel like this practice has been more about supporting unseen realms, allowing what needs to fall away to do that with ease, and that feels good in spirit." - Student

"My favourite part of the practice is the strength I have found in myself. I have become more disciplined, and positive. In the beginning I felt like a lot of external blessings and gifts happening to me, but these last days I have been going through some tough emotions and I have been more aware of the blessings and gifts within myself. I just feel stronger somehow. Even physically... I have a better connection to my arms and I'm not as scared of letting them hold my weight in yoga class." - Student

"I have learned so much about myself this month. Starting and re-starting. Observing what occurred on the days that I let "other" commitments take priority over this one. And what occurred when I pushed through and did it even when exhausted or pressed for time... " - Student

"I've attracted enough work to pay my bills + STILL allow enough time for my other obligations. I've LOST out on certain jobs that would have pulled me away from my writing project. I've done the practice "out loud" and "in my head" and with a head covering and without, in the morning, afternoon, and at night. I still feel with all those variations, I'm still a stronger, more confident, more grounded, more peaceful person. I've been feeling more capable of HOLDING myself with all the light/dark, joy/sadness, confidence/confusion, with Mother Love and compassion by practicing this sadhana. I've been inspired by seeing others and hearing of their journeys... Love. Aloha. Mahalo. Thank you!" - Student

"Not sure if this is TMI but honestly, sex has been AMAZING. I’ve always had amazing sex with my man, but it’s literally been phenomenal Every. Single. Time. Idk if it’s due to the warm ups i do prior, the root lock, or the kriya itself, but I’m all for it! Also, I feel like my creative juices are flowing a lot easier now. I’m in the process of getting my life coaching business off the ground, and i feel like things are finally coming into place, people are crossing my path, and opportunities for me to expand myself and business have been aligning for me as well. Loving this journey and this experience!" - Student

"My favorite part, Sevapreet, has been the FB group page. Of course the group support, but also eventually, access to the videos, info re: group meetings, etc., because then I didn't have to toggle between emails, dropbox, group stuff, etc. Access to these all in one spot was helpful to me as I worked to sync schedules & utilize group resources across time zones. I am not sure how you did it-practice or not, juggling class and evacuating and supporting your family through a major start-over. Your practice really showed; you were always radiant, responsive and caring towards students, no matter their challenge. Your style as a teacher, was another favorite part of the class for me." - Student

"I just did Day 2 (tougher than yesterday!) but I was playing around on my iPad afterwards (instagram etc.) and then I checked my bank account (just because) and the account balance looked significantly higher than it should have been. I checked the statements and today I got my tax refund which I was told was going to be just over $100 but it turned out to be close to $2,000!! I am not making this up! So thank you!" - Student

"I am so so loving the Gyan Chakra Kriya. It is life changing and I am so grateful for you and for the classes you just had.They are ALL so beautiful. Thank you." - Holly

"As I mentioned in my fb comment, my favorite thing has been feeling the sense of community, and how it has changed the power of the practice. I can feel the connection with the group all over the world! It has also helped me focus on my intentions for reopening my business and have started seeing my goals manifest! Thank you again for hosting this program!" - Student

"Sending so much love to this group! Things are already shifting! I launched my business a couple months ago and things have been slow...but this morning, I woke up to three (!!!) inquiries and one booking from new clients. SO GRATEFUL!!!" - Student

"I'm taking a little writing course called "Letters to Our Former Selves" and oddly I'm noticing that I'm able to see the past differently... it feels related to the 'ancestral' clearing properties inherent in the Sadhana. Some really remarkable shifts, they don't negate the way I interpreted for myself what happened before, as much as move my awareness to some deeper truth. Thank you Sevapreet! So grateful." - Student

"I'm on Day 36, and only a week into this practice, on my husband's payday, his check was significantly higher than expected, for unknown reasons, and it has continued to be a bit higher than expected since then. We aren't millionaires...yet ;) but we haven't been living in financial stress whatsoever. A couple of weeks ago, we had a pipe that was leaking aggressively; we tore out a ceiling, wall, and had a plumber come to assess. He estimated the bill would be over $3500. We didn't have that money, yet we weren't fearful or upset about it. We did, however, wait a few days before booking him to come back, when the problem - seemingly magically - completely resolved itself, saving us that bill. (We know that we may still need to have a plumber revisit to do some work in the future, but still aren't afraid of getting that bill, just have faith that if it needs to be done, it will get done.)Also, over these past 36 days I've received many hundreds of dollars worth of incredible gifts to propel my work in the direction I've dreamed for it, including... 1) an SLR digital camera with multiple lenses and other accessories, that I plan to use to photograph not only this beautiful life, but also my art, to attract customers to my online shop; 2) a photoshoot with a local photographer to shoot a "behind the scenes" look into my art and my studio, something I've wanted for months both to capture the memories of this season of life and work, and also to share with the world and use as a way to introduce myself to my clients; 3) a Wacom, a tablet to create digital art that I will use to help convert my art to being digital, that will come hugely in handy on a major passion project I've been dreaming up and working on! I have also been feeling so much prosperity in life in general! This has been my favorite part of the effects I've received. Life has felt more rich. I have felt little to no draw to use social media, and have been engaging in my real life in the beautiful, full way that I have wanted to for the past few (or 10!) YEARS - without anxiety over what to post or feelings of inadequacy, comparing myself to influencers' or others' posts. I feel more confident that I'm where I'm meant to be and on the right track that I ever have. I can't believe that all of this has happened in less than the first 40 days and am so eager to see what happens in the next 40, not to mention the 40 after that!" - Andrea

"Thank you, Sevapreet. I am really looking forward to the Eclipse series! You pre-eclipse class was powerful...and I was so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. Just the perfect mix of the why behind the work and then getting down to business :)" - Nicole

"Wow! Things are surfacing...the good, bad, all of it. I'm breathing and feeling my way through. Your classes have been just what I needed. Thank you." - Nicole

"I feel held by this meditation. I began this group 40 day sadhana at a very tender spot, when I needed something to ground into and this meditation has caught my fall. Three aspects stick out to me the most as I contemplate the effect of this meditation on my body and psyche. Firstly, I see with inner vision symbols of transformation and fluid motion, butterflies and figure 8’s swirling around my third eye. Secondly, I feel the path of dharma being cleared and shown to me in new ways, and thirdly, I watch as my daughter joins me for meditation, correcting me if I say “I need to go and do my meditation” ; “You meant to say our meditation”. I witness the bonding and healing of the bloodline in action. Sevapreet is a devoted, visionary teacher. She is very responsive, encouraging and supportive throughout the experience. Connection with Sangha has been generously felt with face time opportunities and active, honest sharing in the online forum. Thank you for this deeply supportive offering." - Shawn

"IT'S WORKING!!! <3 During the first round of P+M I got contacted by a yoga teacher to maybe sub for her during her maternity "leave". During the second round (day 28 today) I just gave her a class to see if our teaching style was similar enough for her students. I got the offer!! 5 new classes a week for 5 months which is the EXACT PERFECT opportunity for a beginner teacher like me to really start my career as a yoga teacher! Attracting opportunities and having the courage to show up when called. The commitment to this practice every day has taught me so much! So happy I signed up and discovered this practice and am so grateful for this space!" - Victoria

"I have been so grateful for this practice and the group that we’ve had. It’s been feeling so good to have something constant during all of this lava change! I think for me the biggest thing has been feeling proud of myself for committing and following through with the meditation, I have such a hard time with this! In general I would say I tend to bring in a lot of positivity and good connections so I haven’t really noticed any magnetism or prosperity happening but I’m planning on continuing with the additional 40 and putting more intention for abundance, especially in the money and business form! I’ve been really impressed with the layout and communication you’ve created for this practice. I hope you’re doing wonderfully and finding the silver lining in this new shift Pele is taking us through." - Naiyana

"Just a quick line to say how much I have loved the Eclipse season Classes, and a very deep Thank you for sharing them in this way with us. Thank all thats holy for this beautiful [internet]. I live on the other side of the planet to you so thank goodness for this technology that we can connect in this way. I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 5 years now and have done the level one training my self but lost my way. I want to let you know that your classes have renewed my personal Sadhana again and i now feel much more upbeat and focused again on my practice." - Tracey
"I’m grateful for this Kriya and all clarity that it has brought into my life. I have been moving so much energy and exposing wounds& patterns that have been asking for attention and healing. I’m not worried about my bank account. I know that I have enough and trust that my needs are met. Still working on expanding my frequency and vision for my life. What’s important is that I am open to the process of my life with less judgement, more wonder, and acceptance. I also have more compassion for myself and others. I see more love and support all around me. I’m grateful! Thank you, Sevapreet and sisters! 85 days going strong!" - Cicely

"My stating ‘Thank You Sevapreet’ feels too simple... doesn’t encompass how MUCH and in the MANY WAYS I have felt (and continue to feel) Lifted, Supported and Encouraged during the Prosperity + Magnetism global group Sadhana. I am thankful for each of you! We are all so BLESSED to have found our way to Sevapreet Hesser and the community she has fostered us into by becoming peers in our own personal paths....Thank You Sevapreet." - Larisa

"Words could not express the gratitude I have for this practice, this container, or this guide... but I'll do my best . I completed one session of Gyan Chakra Kriya after restarting twice-- doing 41 days straight within a 60 day container. My soul was begging me to do this work, but I still felt some resistance inside. Nonetheless, I felt that the 41 days allowed me to dig a firm foundation within my physical body, and the commitment to a daily practice really solidified this structure within me. It began to open up the portal to my heart and while lots came up to be felt and embraced, for the first time in my life I did not go into fight, flight, or complete shut down (and if I did, it was only momentary and I did not take action on it like before). plus, my experience held an equal balance of pleasure and pain, whereas in the past it was mostly pain. After the 41st day, I decided to take a break from Gyan Chakra Kriya and integrate all I had received. Instead, I decided to complete the Eclipse Activation Series as a way to continue supporting my nervous system during very intense times of constantly moving & having little to no income, all the while caring for my two young daughters. It was exactly the magic I needed! The Eclipse Series has strengthened me to a point that now I feel nothing can break me (my spirit that is, my ego is smithereens!). The Eclipse Practices gave my nervous system the strength to hold the intensity of it ALL, and I have been taking the Evolutionary Leap with full Grace and Trust. I am now living my soul's purpose on earth, which is to allow God to birth LIFE through me-- whether it's through shamanic dancing, singing my soul song, weeping in the depths of my grief, or feeling my heart expanding in love so intensely that I feel I may explode! I am so grateful to BE in full COcreation mode, no longer holding the reins of control so tightly that I hurt myself and those around me (and its not that I don't "forget" and go back into my controlling ways or hurtful patterns, but now I can quickly see it and melt into the love of God's embrace, into my own body's embrace, and into the embrace of all the Allies around me). At last, all of my needs are magically and profoundly being met and now opportUnities for financial abunDance are coming my way! I am now ready to begin another 40 Day Sahdna with Gyan Chakra Kriya-- my heart is soft, tender, open, and ready to GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE in all forms! mahalo siStar Sevapreet Hesser for holding this safe container, for offering the support I needed to skyrocket in my awakening, and providing the opportUnity to love myself in a way I have never before experienced. thank you to all BEings seen and unseen for supporting me on this Journey, whether it was through the Valley of the Shadow of Death or the Birth Canal of Love. Thank you all for witnessing me. I love you!" - Simona

"Thank you again. I came across you while searching for info about kundalini awakening, and I am truly loving your sincere heartfelt offerings! I feel like I was guided to you, for which I am so grateful." - Riena

"I did the pre-eclipse session and it was so amazing! I have never done Kundalini before and had no idea what to expect. I loved it so much! I am so grateful I found this and that you created it. I can't wait to join your class tomorrow live! Thank you!" - Ashley

"Thank you so very much for the last 40 days of Prosperity Mantra course xx I will be continuing for another 80 days to take me to 120 days....thank you from the bottom of my heart for this practice. I have been offered a new job in this time that is more in line with my values...this feels totally magical and I am 100%sure this has happened due to doing Gyan Chakra Kriya with you." - Tracey

"I have absolutely LOVED this kriya - have done many other 40 day sahdnas and this has to be my favourite. As I have sone quite and few 40 days sahdnas before I has already made a commitment to myself to take this kriya to 120 days. So I will definitely sign up for next round. In terms for shifts for me , personally I feel stronger, more empowered and finding it much easier to speak my truth. In the past I have been shy about my spiritual practices and about sharing the deeper philosophies of Jung in my teachings but it all just seems to be flowing through naturally and I don't give a shit about what anyone thinks (most of the time) in terms of external world - oh my goodness- so much is showing up - I have three more new clients which have just come to me organically, I have won a small amount in Lotto three times in the last three weeks and received a cheque that I was not expecting. The other news is that I have had the opportunity to buy a property on 10 acres which I can use as a beautiful yoga space and retreat centre - this has been my absolute dream for many years and it has all come about so organically - it's a financial stretch but it is the blank canvas for my next expression and really stepping into what I have come here to do - teach, empower, serve. It’s pretty amazing and almost unbelievable that this is happening but so exciting and everything is absolutely right about it. My intuition and creative expression has definitely amplified - it has come to me that I will call this beautiful sacred space “The Temple” I also have the very strong feeling that I must complete my kundalini teacher training. Can’t wait for the next round to see what opens up. Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru. - Tanya

"This is my first time doing this class. I honestly felt like a veil was being lifted from my face. I felt like my face was piercing another dimension." - Lisa

"Working with Sevapreet for the Spring Equinox Soul Cleanse last year was exactly what I needed at the perfect time! It wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done, but every moment was worth it & I felt very supported by Sevapreet & the group. It was by far, the best way to shake off the winter funk & feel fully prepared to delve into the sunshine of Spring and Summer!" - Stevi

"Oh Sevapreet, unbelievable, so beautiful... What a healing!!! What a gorgeous motion... Beyond grateful! What a gift you are. May it return to you a thousand fold. Bowing." - Elsa

"I’m in group 2, so on day 57 I believe, and in the past week I went to close out a bank account that I had when I was in high school. My mom is joint on the account with me and a few weeks ago she mentioned the balance. When I went to close it, it had over twice the amount she said was in it...!!! She did not make that deposit. Literally have no idea how this happened. #thankskundalini. Today we met with a realtor to discuss selling our house, which we’ve wanted to do for a few years but had doubts and fears about whether it would sell / etc. We have been told we could expect to sell it for a certain amount, but the amount the realtor gave us today, based on so much data and seems very legit and promising, is just short of DOUBLE what we purchased it for just 4 years ago 😳 Feeling sooo much trust and faith in this whole process all of a sudden! So excited to continue the moving and home search process." - Student

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the wonderful Prosperity and Magnetism course! Before signing up with you I had done this kriya a few times, but had not committed to 40 days. I'm so glad I did! Unfortunately I didn't get to join in on any of the live classes besides the first one, and I'm not on facebook - regardless, I felt connected to the group and really appreciated your generosity throughout, be it with replays, serendipitous invitations to join on other offerings and just your refreshing realness! I loved watching the way my view on prosperity has evolved, and my commitment and faith in knowing whatever is needed to forward me on my journey is available to me." - Deanna