False Light

Do you know that some people who actually wield dark force energy truly believe they are aligned with the light? 

They will declare their rightness and their “lightness” to you all day long. The darkness is so enchanting they have mesmerized even themselves. 

But just because something is bright, powerful or magical does not mean it is also good. 

Evil’s greatest trick is to masquerade as the light, and darkness can hold much power and magic — this is old knowledge. 

The way to spot what truly carries the essence of light, (Christ energy), is to look closely at the relationship to power. Is the person rooted in the heart or under all the dazzle are they just attempting to gain power? 

Those with a foundation of love can still be fierce as hell at times; love must be able to protect the vulnerable, confront evil and stand for justice. Being good is not the same as being nice. 

But if you watch carefully, you will see who is committed to the Sacred Heart of Life and who really just desires to cultivate and wield power. This can include the need for fame, fortune, recognition and energy with the intention of getting these things even at the expense of others. 

That’s not to say that people doing real light work won’t make mistakes, as long as they’re human they will. But they’ll continue to come back to center in the heart. And they will be unwilling to knowingly sacrifice their love, integrity or the well being of another in exchange for power.