Golden Milk Recipe

Golden Milk is an ayurvedic recipe that nourishes and soothes the body, mind, and spirit. Good for much, but particularly helpful for inflammation and frayed nerves.

Golden Milk's star ingredient is turmeric, whose health benefits could fill a library. Here are just a few…

Turmeric Health Benefits:

Prevents cancer

Relieves arthritis

Controls diabetes

Reduces cholesterol

Boosts the immune system

Heals wounds

Prevents Alzheimer's

Heals digestive problems



If you have recurrent pain in the body, especially the joints, you can drink two or three cups a day until it calms down. One cup a day is incredibly beneficial for everyone. It's lovely to drink right before bed -- you'll sleep like a baby.

Golden milk is traditionally made with cows milk. I know many people don't drink cows milk these days (including me), but it's preferred for the recipe. Ideally, you would use grass-fed raw cows milk. If you cannot do cow, raw goat would work, or you can try nut milk (I like macadamia).

Golden Milk Recipe

*My recipe, adapted from one by Spirit Voyage Recipe

Please note: This recipe includes instructions for turmeric paste, which will give you several cups of golden milk! You can prepare more substantial quantities of paste as it keeps in the refrigerator for up to 40 days. 


1/4 cup turmeric

1/2 cup water

8 ounces milk 

1/2 tbsp. raw almond oil (if you don't have any you can substitute with coconut oil, but it is important to get almond oil for the specific benefits of this recipe)


One cardamom pod (optional)

Black pepper

Cooking Instructions: 

Simmer turmeric in water until it forms a nice paste. Suggested cooking time is 8 minutes; you can add more water as necessary. (The cardamom may be cooked with the turmeric for added flavor.)

Meanwhile, bring milk to a boil with the almond oil. As soon as it boils, remove from heat.

Add a 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of the paste to milk and stir

Add honey to taste

Add a small grind of pepper (for curcumin absorption)