We both know ⁣⁣
this is not close enough⁣⁣.

There is a way of being ⁣⁣
and not being,⁣⁣
when we finally meet in totality,⁣⁣
in the true intimacy⁣⁣.

Then no more do I have to long,
for I will be full of you ⁣⁣
and you will be full of me⁣⁣.

And when my hand stretches out ⁣⁣
yours will be the one moving⁣.

When I inhale ⁣⁣
I will take in your breath⁣⁣.

This flesh will be yours⁣⁣
and not mine at all⁣⁣.

Then we will both belong to no-one ⁣
and everything ⁣⁣
at the same time⁣⁣.