Love List: 03

I think I've shared this in other blogs before, but I am still in love with this Gregorian Chant from Patrick Lenk. It's been on all day every day for weeks now. My son just asked me how I can stand to listen to it all the time. Haha. 

I'm new to Stephen Wolinsky, but in full Netflix-binge style, I watched this "Portals" video and The End of the Game in one sitting. I'd guess he's not everyone's style (he's not my usual style), but I was completely absorbed, so I thought I'd share. 

Speaking of Netflix binging, did you watch Messiah yet?

My morning ritual is to read random excerpts from a few of my favorite books like an oracle. The books I use are My Secret is SilenceThe Sufi Book of LifePrayers of the Cosmos, and The Radiance Sutras. These books are all magic; I can't recommend them enough. 

My new favorite guided meditation is this brain relaxation

Maybe random, but here's a hot tip on dental care! I have no idea how or why I went my whole life manually brushing my teeth, but I bought myself a Sonicare for Christmas, and I don't think I ever had clean teeth before now. Also, Dr. Tung's floss another amazing dental discovery.

I've been writing "field notes" for Instragam, and it's one of my favorite ways to communicate with you now. Join me there. 


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