Hi Friend! I'm happy to connect here.

I have a question for you: Does it seem bizarre that we are born onto a miracle planet with all sorts of wonders to explore but give most of our waking hours to a job to earn money just so we can live?

I think it’s weird af.

But what if you could...

  • Get paid to show up as you?
  • Work with time and location freedom?
  • Get paid well without burnout? 
  • Work in community collaboration to share resources and support?
  • Leave the linear income trap and amplify your time, energy, and money?

This is what Healy business has been for me - an aligned partnership with an amazing company and life-changing product. We are a community-based, leveraged business model that allows you to step out of the dollar-per-hour to create true freedom! 

I went from dead-broke to building a multi-six figure income in two years - without burnout.

What is Healy? 

Healy is the personal use frequency device that's taking the wellness world by storm.

With programs ranging from physiological / pain management to mental/emotional support to fitness, beauty and digital nutrition, Healy is the leading edge of holistic wellness.


If this sounds like a yes to you, I'd love to connect more.

I get many applications to work with me, and as you can tell I really value my time and energy  - and yours! I have a short form for you to fill out if you're interested so we can get to know each other better. 

Once you're done, I'll reach out with more info about the business, community, and Healy itself.