Thanks for your interest in Healy and/or Healy biz.

I'm so happy to connect with you here and share what I've found that has blessed up my life in the most unbelievable ways the last two years. 

The Healy device completely changed my life. Almost twenty years of chronic pain was gone within 5 days of using it! It went on to transform other aspects of my physical well-being and then my relationships, confidence, self-expression, and finances.

I truly can't think of any area that it hasn't supported. This is why I say it supports the WHOLE human. 

Never in a million years before I experienced it would I have imagined one little frequency device that kinda looks like an iPod would revolutionize my life the way it has. 

So what exactly is Healy? 

It's a personal-use frequency device. It pairs micro-current to support the body on a cellular level with bio-field frequency to bring you into an optimal state of being, harmonizing you with your true self - your original blueprint that lives in the quantum information field. 

There are a ton of informative links here if you want to read more: Healy Info Links

In this call, we dive deep into how Healy works, the inventor, the company, the community, and more:

 And of course, the Healy website  (FYI, the link says Patrick Hesser. That's my hubby. I use his link for biz.)

The business

I always thought I would never make money because I was unwilling to sacrifice the time and energy required to care for myself well, tend to my family, and follow what called to my heart and soul. 

It was the usual story of the starving artist/broke healer. I thought I had to choose between money and soul, and that's not even a choice for me. 

It wasn't until recently that I considered the possibility that didn't have to be true. That's when Healy entered my life. And it gave me the vehicle to make it a reality via the exponential opportunity of leveraged income. 

Not only has partnership here been the catalyst for some of the deepest transformation of my life, but I went from being totally broke (zero money coming and on PUA checks at one point) to making multiple six figures a year. 

Both my experience with the device and the business are exceptional, and not everyone has the same experience. I've given myself wholly to this journey and have been deeply devoted to leaning into my edges. 

But they ARE a model of what is possible!

And I'm not the only one. If you feel aligned, there is so much possibility here for you too.

If you're looking for a way of doing business that has the potential to bring you incredibly abundant income, w/o requiring the old formula of sacrifice and burnout, a way of doing business that allows you to be both autonomous AND in community, this might be a great fit for you.

Aquarian Business: Writing a New Story

Healy Biz Intro



Reality Crafting + Wealth Alchemy Masterclass

What is true wealth? How can you access it? Is it possible to create an experience of financial abundance without burnout, sacrifice and pushing energy? 

Come tune into this exploration of all of the above. We'll be sharing the principles of creating via alchemy rather than effort, tools and practices you can use in your life right now, and how Healy frequency device and biz model are the perfect support and playground for this new way of receiving in the world. 

Reality Crafting + Wealth Alchemy Masterclass


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 What's next?

If you want more info, have questions, or are ready to purchase a Healy/join the team just shoot me a message on IG or email