2020 Energetic Forecast

2020 Themes: change, upheaval, reorientation, evolution, liberation, essence, groundlessness

This year asks you to align with your deepest truth, your deepest essence. It will require an entirely new orientation to self and life. You can not fake it.

Where you are not in alignment with self, you will need to correct. There is no time to fuck around. Either get where you need to be, or you will be put there — forcefully, if necessary. A major reshuffling is happening. The hand at work is large and not personal.

The image I see is of dice being thrown into the air.

If you were to be suddenly removed from your comforts, your life-as-planned, your idea of where you are going, and what you are doing — how would you react?

Would you panic? Would you attempt to wrench back control? Would you freeze with fear? Would you try to negotiate the future? Would you be looking behind you trying to grab hold of something familiar from the past? Would you be angry that things weren't going the way you wanted?

If this is your reaction to change, it will cause unnecessary suffering.

Our minds don't have the answers now. Can you sense that? The way forward must be guided by something significantly wiser, something more vital and primary than the mind. This shift can be scary because it is radically different and very much unknown. It means letting go of our illusion of control.

This obsession with control is a huge disadvantage for us now. It's time we grow up. Spiritual maturity means we stop grasping at all of our egoic wants and needs and listen instead to what life is calling us to.

If you can relax and trust, this new orientation will be deeply fulfilling, intimately rewarding. In fact, this "new" guiding force has been moving us all along, most of us just haven't noticed. To come into alignment with and awareness of this truth allows for deep relaxation in the body. It's okay to let go. You weren't ever steering the ship anyway.

We are being guided towards our liberation.

Practice trust. Practice surrender. Where you can trust and surrender, you will find much alignment, joy, and magic this year. Where you hang on to the old out of fear you will find difficulty. Instead of lamenting any struggle, be grateful for such clear guidance! 

Use the power of choice and perception to re-write what is frightening. Remember that the story we tell ourselves about what is happening is often more powerful than the events themselves.

The way you choose to frame what happens to you tells the story of your life.

What tale are you telling?

I hope it is interesting. I hope it is creative. I hope it gives you your freedom and others theirs.

We all know we're at a precipice. Our evolution is necessary. And imminent. But any change still rooted in the old paradigm is bound to fail. We need an entirely new way to relate to life.

We are asked to abandon old conditioning, to relieve ourselves and each other from a collective agreement about life and self that does not work anymore. The good news is, it's entirely made up. The only thing holding it together is our participation. All we need to do is withdraw our energy and put it into new creations.

Pay attention to what aspects of self you have been ignoring or denying. Do you judge your needs instead of responding to them with care and compassion? Have you chosen a path that does not honor your essence? What are you hiding from?

You are glorious in your totality. It's time you truly understand that. 

As we come into a less rigid way of encountering self, we will (finally) begin to balance the inner energies - yin/yang, dark/light, masculine/feminine. This will offer a much-needed reprieve and help us to move towards outward expressions of this balance in the world at large. That balance is fundamental to our collective healing. 

Drop ideas about "should" or "shouldn't." Listen to your body. Listen to your heart. Listen to what life is calling you to. Be brave. Be bold.

Trust that you have, or can acquire, the necessary tools to navigate anything unfamiliar that you come upon.

This whole process starts with a deep letting-go. The deeper you clear, the easier the time will be. Don't ignore what you know you need to do.

You can use the inquiry questions I posted HERE to help you figure out what that is if you're you're not sure.

*Oddly, and this is the only time this has ever happened, I don't see the above happening for everyone. While there is always personal variance, I see a distinct split this time.

I think while part of the population will experience some version of the above, there will be a segment that is not touched by or even aware of these huge shifts. It's like we're becoming different kinds of people entirely.

If you notice this too, there's no need to worry or attempt to change anyone. It's all happening as it should.

Personal notes

Winter feels like a time for deep stillness and letting go to me, so I'm honoring this. I'm not setting goals or intentions. Instead, here's how I'm rounding out the year/decade and welcoming in a new one:

  • 365 gratitudes for 2019. You can see some of my list on Instagram
  • Giving away everything I don't need or love. (If you're local, hit me up for details on a clothing/stuff swap coming up!)
  • Clearing my social media accounts and email list
  • A small fire ceremony
  • A detox bath
  • Gifts to the ancestors
  • Internal cleansing. I usually wouldn't do a detox in the winter, but it feels right this year. I'm cleansing my intestines, my kidneys, my liver, and my gallbladder! The works. I'll be following the plan outlined HERE.

I hope you have a beautiful New Year. I wish you many blessings and much love.


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