Don't Rush! Tips for Moving into the New Year

There can be a tendency to rush through the letting go phase to intention, goals, replacement.

But what if you don't rush? What if you take your time with letting go? What if you let yourself really feel the void, the emptiness, the lack of certainty about what will come? What is it like to have no ground underneath you? Terrifying? Lonely? Exhilarating?

Can you use this gap-time, as we close out this decade but are not yet in the energies of the next, to feel that liminal space between the two?

There are actually no energetics to support intentions set on the 1st of January. There is no rush.

Use this time between the last new moon/eclipse/Christmas and the coming full moon/eclipse to get clear on what you are letting go of without trying to fill the hole immediately. See if you can get more comfortable with the empty pause. It will serve you well for the next year.

Before we build anything, we need to clear the space. Cut, cut, cut. Clear, clear, clear.

How do you know what needs to go? Below are some inquiry prompts.

I suggest journaling them out over the next few days. Use them like a sieve, see what remains. Adjust from there.

  • What is calling to you right now? What is keeping you from answering that call? What do you need to do to let go of/remove that block?
  • What is fear telling you right now? What does this make clear?
  • What do you need to cut ties with to feel liberated right now?
  • What do you value most? Is this where you spend your time and energy? If not, why? What do you need to let go of to make room for your highest value to receive your highest priority of time and energy?

Again, it's not quite time to think about moving into future creations. This is time to get clear on what needs to go. You have a few weeks of this clearing. (Maybe more, I like to hold space for this through the winter until spring.)

Use the prompts to asses what you need to let go of — direct effort and energy to that.

I also suggest a ruthless clearing of your physical space. Don't take any items you do not love, find necessary, or that do not hold meaning for you across this threshold. 

If you are aligned with or enjoy New Year's resolutions and want to make them, it might be helpful to make them from the perspective of what life is asking of you. 

Happy letting go! Happy New Year! Happy new decade! 


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