A Summer Solstice Prayer

 A Prayer 

May the light of the Holy Father illuminate every secret, every shadow, every shameful thing which works to erode the heart and soul of our human family.

May it awaken us to where we are biased, entitled, ignorant, and insensitive.

May it burn away what divides us and give new life to the heart so that we act in accord with the good of all, always and in all ways.

May it protect, with fierce integrity, that which is vulnerable and innocent.

May it give us all the strength needed to stand up for what is right, the courage to keep our spines tall when cornered or beaten down, and an unwavering commitment to heal the wounds, right the wrongs, and mend the brokenness which surrounds us.

Holy Father, Holy Sun, light our way.


(Written by me; please credit Jessica Hesser when sharing. Thank you.)