Spiritual Sovereignty

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that said something like, “empathetic, sensitive people will always be prey to manipulation and deceit”.


Being easily manipulated or conned doesn’t have anything to do with your sensitivity, it’s a lack of maturity.

One of the main functions of the spiritual experience is that it breaks down our rigidity wherever it has taken up residence in us.

This is an ongoing process in which we learn to trust the native intelligence of life, to trust the unseen force of Spirit.

Spiritual maturity means we have been ripened by life enough to be fluid, to be malleable.

At the very same time, spiritual maturity is a direct experience of one's own wholeness. And when you genuinely experience yourself as whole you can’t not also know yourself as a sovereign being.

Your sovereignty is not something you have to claim, it’s not something you have to work at, it’s just the very natural resting place for your wholeness. You no longer need to acquiesce to other people’s ideas because you are uncomfortable or unsure of your own truth.

This maturity means you know who you are and what you stand for. And you are willing and able to continually evaluate your alignment with those values. We call this integrity and it’s the depth of your commitment to that integrity that allows you to trust yourself and your own earned wisdom.

Your sensitivity, then, does not lack conviction nor is it easily fooled or manipulated. Quite the opposite! Your sensitivity IS your intelligence. It IS your intuitive ability to call out the bullshit, to spot the energetic hooks, to feel the manipulations when they happen.

Your sensitivity is your very real super power.

If you find you are easily fooled or manipulated the answer isn’t to curse your deeply feeling heart and harden yourself but to do some digging into the places in you which feel separate, untrustworthy and afraid.

The courage with which you can look honestly into these areas is equal to the depth of wholeness and healing you experience. You are as free as you know yourself to be.