Energy: 2024


The last time I wrote a forecast for you was before the pandemic. We are approaching a similar energy intensity now, and I'm called to share it with you again. This is not to say we will have a repeat of the pandemic.

Still, disruption is in the air and suggests significant transformation is on the horizon. The year is powerful. It is big. 

Sometimes, using strong language around these potent energies can elicit fear or worry, so before we go on, I want to start by reminding you of your most inherent power: choice.

You can have the most fantastic year of your life if you want. I think many of us will. But you have to choose it. That's the point. 

In every moment, life is unfolding for us. And in every moment, we tell a story about what we see happening. That story becomes the lens of our lives.

You can look at the year ahead with trepidation, or have a sense of adventure.

I'm ready for the adventure. I'm ready to be led into more of who I really am, with precision.

Shift in Consciousness

This year will be wild. Major shifts are happening - inner and outer. We think we know. But we don’t really know. And the sooner we can admit that the better.

You thought 2020 was initiation? Nah, it was just a little teaser. This year, we enter initiation.

What we have come to rely on in the outside world is crumbling. It is dying. And it will thrash and fight and cling to viability anywhere it can. This is obvious - the deeper inquiry is: Where is this also happening in you?

The structure of our belief systems is faulty. It is crumbling, too. Where do you cling?

As the earth moves into higher vibrational states, the lower is also activated. This is law. Each frequency exists on a spectrum, the higher equal to the lower. So why are we so surprised to experience contrast here? Expect these energies to be amplified.

The Game

When I look at 2024, three images arise. One is a rocket ship flying through space. The others are both childhood games. The first is a game of leapfrog. The second is hot lava.

The game's mission this year is to move from a high-frequency place to a high-frequency place without getting caught in the lava. The lava is your negative mental and emotional addictions. Look for self-pity, apathy, pessimism, anger, doubt, complaint, fear, blame.

Watch out for distractions outside of you, people and situations that try to pull you down. Be gentle with yourself when you fall, but get back up as quickly as possible.

If you can catch the momentum of the energy this year you can ride it like a wave. Move intuitively. Get your head out of the way. You’re learning to timeline jump. Let it be play.

Breaking Free from the Spell

Are you a creator or a puppet? Pick one.

We experience frequency modulation aimed at controlling behavior and influencing creation daily.

We live in feedback loops, addicted to the emotional residue of the past and the thought patterns that feed them. This programming has nothing to do with reality but we call it “I” and hold on for dear life.

Outside influences trigger emotions intended to control and manipulate the population. We are under a spell.

These emotional experiences create chemical reactions that we become physically addicted to. We are entrained to the frequency of the habit, and because the body-mind seeks the comfort of the known over what is in our highest good, the cycle goes on. This leaves us in a state that is far from real, true, or embodied. Thus, an entire species is kept from their power and potential.

This is not to say that emotions are not valid. Of course they are! But are they organic?

We must create a new relationship with the body-mind to find what is TRUE in us.

We are rewiring our human vehicle to serve our - and the world's - highest good by freeing it of this addiction. If you have ever dealt with an addiction before or watched someone else, you'll know this is no small feat. You are required to engage your will and your will and discipline.

Everything we are going through now is training. We are practicing becoming the New Human - the True Human. We are creating an entirely new template for life on Earth.

Remember when you were little and learned to ride a bike? You wobbled; you probably fell a few times. You were scared to go without your training wheels or an adult hand nearby. But with practice, it got less scary, and you got better.

We are learning to move these body-vehicles through the world in new ways. It will take time to feel confident, but you will never learn if you don't start practicing.

We are remembering how to be creators again. We are remembering our power to weave manifest reality from the possibility. To remember what is real, what is unreal must die. We make the process much more difficult than we need to if we hang on to the old too tightly.

Remember the power of choice. This is the whole point, anyway.

We choose what we create with our thoughts, words, and actions. We paint the canvas of our experience with the frequency we transmit. This frequency is the information that builds the manifest world around us.

Time and space create external pressure. If we do not have the internal energy to match this, it will collapse us. The internal force is rhythm. This rhythm is coherence. And our coherence is equal to our ability to create in the world effectively. It is a matter of magnetism.

Do not ask the outer conditions to change to give you a new internal experience. Learn to create a new internal experience; the conditions must change to match it. This is how we change things!

Did you notice during the pandemic that some people had a difficult time, but others had the most expansive years of their lives? They did not cling to old ways. They adapted; they let the challenges of the times grow them. And they made magic with it.

This is possible now, too, I think even more amplified. The challenges you face are not there to defeat you but to help direct and shape you; to teach you. Accept the guidance. Get curious. Grow strong.

If you do not like how your life is going, check in with your stories: What are you telling? What are you oriented towards? Where are you forgetting your own power? What can you look at differently? What new story do you need to tell in order to create a life that would feel good to you?

We are leaning on the edge of a tremendous collective unknown. But you know what they say about fear: It's just excitement without breath.

Imagine a life with no polarity, no challenge, no changes, no lessons, no unknowns. It’d be terribly boring, wouldn't it? You are here for this. Participate.

Release Distortion and Density

2023 has been a deep clarification process. All that revealed itself to be misaligned last year, did you let go? If not, there is still time. I'd suggest a relatively brutal clearing of all your spaces before we get too far into the year.

If life has been showing you something is not for you, do not bring it into the next year. (My ALIGN:2024 dives deeper into this with a guided session, plus journal prompts.)

Let go of the things, people, and places that drag you down. Put yourself around people who give you life, inspire, energize, and bring out the best in you. Think of precision and alignment in all aspects.

As an 8 year there is an element of Karma. You can get ahead of things by cleaning up your space at the beginning of the year. What is left undone, unfinished, unsaid? Do you owe anyone amends, forgiveness, or appreciation?

Go into this year as clear, light, well-balanced, and agile as possible.

We are about to hit evolutionary warp speed. We are clearing the physical and subtle bodies of distortion and density so that the crystalline body can activate to hold more light as the frequencies speed up. We are coming closer to home, and to pass through the door, we must be an energetic match. 

Instinct and the Body

We are used to a process of mind that is much too slow for where we are headed. You must let go of your need to figure it out and go through certain steps to arrive at a new experience. This means activating instinct and intuition.

Moving forward is often very uncomfortable when the mind doesn't "know." Let something other than your analytical mind guide you. If you have yet to learn what that is, you'll get a lot of practice next year to find out. Be prepared to move before you feel ready or certain. Trust your nature.

There is a very physical component to the year. You will need to take good care of your body. Feed it well. Rest it well. Keep it strong. Be kind to it. When you are unloving to the body, you weaken it. Watch your self-talk. Speak words of love and praise.

Don't be surprised if you need to eat differently. Trust yourself to know what nourishment is for you.

We are retraining the body to respond in a new instinctive way. Currently, we are adapted to react from our survival instinct. Part of our evolution now is to move out of this base level of instinct into a more intelligent-intuitive response. We're no longer moving from fear but from inspiration and guided vision. We are no longer moving away from; we are moving toward.

In the highest function, our bodies are tuning instruments that connect us with source frequency information. But our bodies have been incredibly misunderstood and misused. Conditioning them to their proper function will be important.

Reality is 99.99% space. We do not perceive that space because our brains process it out so as not to overwhelm our nervous system.

Our nervous systems are changing to allow us to perceive more information. Nervous system work (expanding capacity, not just learning to "relax it") will be your best friend this year.

Humans are just animals in many ways, and the animal body (including the brain) responds to the unknown as a threat. This year and the coming will force us into many unknowns.

Being a good guardian is essential if you find your body in a fear response. Receive the information without accepting that it's true. Inquire first. What is real? This may be different from the body's perception. You have thinking intelligence for a reason. Use it. Teach the body what you know.

The increased solar activity we are going through can be challenging for the body. If you feel unwell, ungrounded, or depleted during this time, go to the water. Specifically, if you can, freshwater - streams, rivers, lakes. Even just putting your hands in can help.

The water on earth is changing to support us as we move through new energies. It wants you to know it is there to help you when you need it.

Evolution not Revolution

Everything is changing. What happens when the very foundation of what we believe is real about the world and how it works is challenged?

If your security and sense of ground are outside of you, you will be in trouble as we deepen through this transformation. You must know yourself. You must find the deep ground within. This is the space where the eyes and opinions of others vanish, the space where only you and God collide. There is nothing else. Root yourself here.

Your true center is zero point, the orientation of innocence. This is the "eye of the needle" Jesus references.

We are moving towards another big split in the collective, a differentiation of consciousness of how we move and operate in the world. We see expressions of this now, especially online. People are destabilized. They have no center. They look to others to tell them what to do, say, believe. This lack of integrity (lack of wholeness) will only get more vivid.

Naturally, we are affected by others because we are innately connected and empathic, but if the opinions or judgments of others can shake your core, then what are you actually rooted in?

We will not change the world by battling it. This has never worked. Not once has it given lasting peace. We require an evolution, not a revolution. (John Trudell)

This does not mean we are passive. It's not silence or complacency. It's a deep devotion to the TRUE source of power within. We move from there and only there.

Problem-solving is a reactionary response. If we need to arrive at a new destination, creativity is the ONLY thing that can take us there. Everything else relies on what we already know, which cannot take us somewhere new.

Fear, stress, and anger collapse creativity. Literally, they inhibit our ability to access that part of our brain connected to possibility and creative thought. It is not an accident that most of the world lives in these states. It is not an accident that your tv and your phone bombard you with information in an effort to elicit these states.

You have been lied to about what you are and how the world works. We are not meant to manipulate form with form. We are not slaves to circumstance.

We are creator beings; our creative power is our ability to shape reality by calling forth from the unseen into the manifest. It's time we fully wake up to this, and in order to access our potential we must come out of trance.

To the one who thinks we are fated only to struggle against what is already made, the idea that each of us has personal responsibility in shaping our reality is very threatening. It cuts all the way to the core.

People will fight for their powerlessness. They will fight your new way of moving in the world. They will cling to what is known, no matter how untrue or diminishing. If you think people behaved bizarrely during the pandemic, just wait!

It is not ours to convince anyone; engaging in the fight prolongs delusion. Your job is to get clear. As you do this, your frequency will create a ripple effect in the world; your very existence will shift the direction of our collective course.

Create the Vision as Reality

Use this year as a great experiment to discover what you are capable of. What is your power, really? What is your connection to everything, really? It’s not about getting it right. You are learning and practicing.

Set your vision for the life that would be most deeply joyous, beautiful, and fulfilling to you. Hold the vision and let creative response move through you. Don’t worry about the how. Show up every day as the person already living that life and watch what happens.

Take an honest inventory of what skills or qualities you need to grow in order to be this person. Use your will and discipline to develop them. 

We will never save anyone by diminishing ourselves. We can only be of genuine service if we know who and what we really are. Become the lighthouse. It is time.

Resources to Support You

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Pranayama: Inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale for a count of four - extended up to 10 seconds.

Affirmation: I am remembering my creative nature, my miracle nature. Everything in my life is happening to support this remembrance. I am open to this guidance and actively participate in the reclamation of the True Human. This is a joyous process.