Fleur Bath Ritual: Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Fleur Bath: Full Harvest Moon in Pisces Bath Ritual (September 13th)

For this moon, we’re making a very dreamy bath that also pulls in botanicals and stones to help stabilize and support intense emotions. Make a space for yourself that feels beautiful, comforting, and a bit otherworldly.

HERBALS: Lavender, rosemary, wildflowers. Think purples and blues.

OIL: Lavender, blue tansy, or frankincense.

*Option: (Only if you aren’t worried about staining towels.) Add 1 Tbs activated charcoal to the bath. This helps to ground, remove physical toxins, and eliminate energetic negativity.

STONES: Purple fluorite, lepidolite, amethyst, grape agate. Anything in the purple spectrum would be perfect today.

⁣TO BEGIN: Gather ingredients. Cleanse the subtle body + space with a cleansing herb or essential oil spray. Draw the bath and put in the flowers, a couple of drops of oil, and charcoal. Place the stones around the edge. Before you enter the tub, say a prayer for the water, the plants, + the stones. In turn, and ask them to support you in journeying.

JOURNEY: This is the last full moon before the Autumn equinox. Take some time to reflect on what you are harvesting in your life. What has changed and grown since the summer solstice? Spend a few minutes in gratitude. Now think about what are you ready to let go of and to let die. Dunk yourself underwater three times, each time imagining that you are letting go of something. When you are cleansed, lay back and imagine the tub as a womb. You are safe. You are held. You are loved. What does your inner self need you to know? Listen patiently. 

⁣TO END: When you’re done with the bath, thank the water, flowers, + stones. Take a few minutes to journal anything that has stuck with you. Put your crystals somewhere they can catch the moonlight. Bring one to your bedside for good dreaming.