Fleur Bath Ritual: Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius Bath Ritual (August 15th) ~ A bath to foster imagination, cultivate wonder, + bring luck.


HERBALS: One bunch of basil. (Great if you have some of your own to pick, but if not you can purchase some at the store or even use holy basil tea bags.) Basil brings luck + wealth. It is also an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mood booster, immune booster, + pain reducer.⁣

STONES: Aquamarine, Herkimer Diamond, Fluorite, Spirit Quartz, Brandberg Smoky Amethyst. We’re choosing stones that tap into imagination, draw us into mystical realms, + accelerate magnetism. Any or all will do. If you don’t have a crystal, go outside and find something beautiful that draws your attention. ⁣

MANTRA: Triple Mantra: strengthens the magnetic field + keeps negativity away. ⁣

TO BEGIN: Gather ingredients. Cleanse the subtle body + space with (sustainably sourced!) Palo Santo, mugwort or essential oil spray. Draw the bath and add basil. Place the stones around the edge. Before you enter the bath, say a prayer for the water, the plants, + the stones. In turn, and ask them to support you in journeying. Put the mantra on repeat. ⁣

JOURNEY: As you enter the bath imagine you are entering a new realm. This is a time to fully encounter your imagination. You are leaving the mundane world and arriving at the magical world that lives behind and within everything. Leave your rational mind behind and ask your creative mind to come out to play. As you rest in the bath, allow your imagination to wander. Dream up new realms, big possibilities, and wondrous things. This is not the time to worry about making anything happen. This is innocent play, free from grasping. Find what delights and inspires you. You may even feel a little nostalgic. Get curious about how you can bring more of the wonder you had as a child into your grown-up daily life + work.⁣

TO END: When you’re done with the bath, thank the water, herbs, + stones. Take a few minutes to journal any ideas or inspirations that have stuck with you. Add visuals by drawing a picture of something you’ve imagined. Put the picture under your pillow when you go to sleep. ⁣


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