Love List: 01

MY LOVE LIST: 01 Holidays + Retrogrades

1. The freedom to say no. The freedom to not participate in any part of the holiday activities or cultural traditions that I don't wish to. (Highly recommended.) 

2. The depth of winter coming. Its stillness and its silence. The way it penetrates and purifies. Its sharpness, like a razor cutting through all excess.

3. Funny memes to make me laugh during harsh retrogrades.

4. Online workouts. The nearest gym is 40 minutes away, and my daily workouts help to keep me calm, energized, and happy. I put my favorites on a Playlist for you HERE.

5. Native American flute music that calms my whole body. (Native American flute music is found to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system for rest and relaxation.) I like THIS playlist.

6. Dancing. Dancing cures so much -- stagnation, depression, bad mood. Depending on how you dance, it can help to calm the nervous system by releasing residual energy from the body and also increases the production of endorphins. (Cue dancing hard!) My favorite new dance song is Dance Monkey. You can even dance with me HERE.

7. Pranayama. I've been doing intense breathwork practice on the daily and holding sweet weekly sessions for those in the current online course. But as the holidays creep up, and the collective seems to get a bit more overwhelmed and stressed, I love Sitali breath.

8. The beautiful women who've joined me for Deep Nervous System Care for the last four weeks!

9. Nourishing drinks. My favorites right now are this cinnamon tea and golden milk that I make with this recipe.

10. The movie The Peanut Butter Falcon was so sweet and such a testament to what is really important in life.

11. I've had a hard time focusing when reading lately, but I love the short text and exquisite art in The Song of Eve.

12. Meditating on this as deep inquiry: What messages from Self am I ignoring? Why?

Happy Holidays!