Nervous System Care and Healing

For years now, I've been sharing some of my favorite healing practices with you.

At the same time, I've been deepening my own healing.

This last summer, something miraculous happened.

I healed the chronic pain and illness, which I've been living with for fourteen years.

I wasn't expecting it to happen. I wasn't even trying.

But because I listened to what my heart and intuition were calling me to (even though it went against just about everything the world was telling me), I finally found relief from my longterm physical suffering.

Anyone who has healed deeply will tell you it's multi-faceted. There's never just one thing that does it.

It's true in this case also.

Part of what happened is so esoteric I struggle even to put it into words.

For those of you who geek out (like me) on such things, I promise I'll attempt to share more soon.

The other part I can explain explicitly: I became very, very intimate with my nervous system.

I practiced listening deeply to what it was communicating. And I let it lead me.

The nervous system might not sound like a sexy topic.

What I've realized, though, is that virtually every single effective healing practice I've found is rooted in nervous system care!

I actually created a course on this subject last year; then I was called to tend to deeply personal work, so I put it down.

At the time, I was sure of the immense importance of working with the nervous system to elicit healing and transformation.

After this last year of radical healing, I am even more certain that the nervous system is key to our deepest wellbeing.

I've updated the original course with new tools and practices, curating the best of what I've learned in over two decades of healing work.

I've also included the healing practices which I've discovered on my own.

I'm so happy to share with you Deep Nervous System Care - an online immersion, starting October 27th.

If you have been looking for a healing, desiring more pleasure, more joy, greater intimacy, more vitality, less stress, less overwhelm, less numbing-out, or less suffering, this course is for you.

I'm offering an early bird discount until October 8th. If you sign up this week, you'll save $50. Use code HEALING at checkout.

You can read more about the immersion and sign up HERE.

Feel free to hit me up with any thoughts or questions.