Fleur Bath: Full Harvest Moon in Aries Bath Ritual (October 13th)

Exploring our power to choose creatively.

HERBALS: Reds - Hibiscus, Rose, Gerber Daisy, (anything a little dramatic)

OIL: Amber, Sandalwood, Rose

STONES: Citrine, Tibetan Red Quartz, Fire Quartz, Hematite, Bloodstone

⁣TO BEGIN: Gather ingredients. Cleanse the subtle body + space with a cleansing herb or essential oil spray. Draw the bath and put in the flowers, plus a couple of drops of oil. Place the stones around the edge. Before you enter the tub, say a prayer for the water, the plants, + the stones. In turn, and ask them to support you in journeying. Call your ancestors.

JOURNEY: We always have the power to choose how we frame things. What in you, or in your past, that you consider "negative" can you reframe into a positive? Do you have the courage to re-write your story? If you knew this was yours to command, what story would you tell? How can you express challenge, difficulty, or shadow as positive? Ask your ancestors to help you get creative, infuse your story with love, triumph, and adventure. 

⁣TO END: When you’re done with the bath, thank your aids - physical, elemental and spiritual. Thank your ancestors. Choose a talisman - plant or stone - to put near your bed while you sleep. Ask to continue this work, taking it deep into your subconscious and unconscious while you sleep. 


Like bath church? I'll be sending out a special bath ritual for everyone in the Deep Nervous System Care online immersion.

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